GVSD Board Hosts Student Forum

board student forum 130x97The GVSD School Board would like to know more about our students' experiences in school, and was excited to host a student forum on Thursday, October 27, 2016. The purpose of this board-student forum was to hear directly from students and discuss their education, experiences, concerns, and celebrations.

Receiving a direct student voice will assist the Board in its decision making.

The event took place in the NPC Culinary Classroom from 12:00-2:00 pm with a pizza lunch provided. The forum involved 12 students from GVC, 12 students from NPC, and 9 School Board members. The 24 students were divided into 4 table groups of 6 students. The table groups consisted of either a grade 9 and 10 group, or a grade 11 and 12 group, with 2 trustees at each table.

The students were asked to come prepared to discuss a variety of different questions. The discussions focused on a number of different areas, including the transition from middle years to high school, the GVSD Mission Statement/Belief Statement, student anxieties, and the programs being offered. The forum also allowed a more open opportunity for the students to provide the Board with information that will assist them as they work to make sure that schools have what they need to meet the learning needs of the students.

The GVSD Board was grateful for this special opportunity to connect directly with GVSD students and wishes to thank all of the participants.