2014-2018 GVSD School Board

Board Pic Sept 2017 2b 

Front Row (L-R): Garry Bueckert (Education Chair); Laurie Dyck (Board Chair & Policy); Edwin Guenther (Operations Chair); John P. Klassen (Board Vice Chair & Policy Chair)

Back Row (L-R): David Wallace (Education); Leah Klassen (Operations); Sam Berg (Operations); Brenda Willey (Policy); Tash Olfert (Education);

 Regular public Board meetings are scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday of each month beginning at 8:00 pm.

At the Garden Valley School Division Board Meeting held on September 12, 2017, the board re-organized itself as follows:

BOARD CHAIR: Laurie Dyck (204.325.7720)

BOARD VICE CHAIR: John Klassen (204.325.7949) 

EDUCATION COMMITTEE:  (Meeting date: 1st Tuesday of each month 7:00 am)

Garry Bueckert, Chair (204.325.9120)
Tash Olfert (204.325.5569)
David Wallace (204.325.5002)

OPERATIONS COMMITTEE: (Meeting date: 1st Wednesday of each month 7:00 am)

Edwin Guenther, Chair (204.829.7766)
Sam Berg (204.362.7188)
Leah Klassen (204.325.8093)

POLICY COMMITTEE:  (Meeting date: 1st Thursday of each month 7:00 am)

John Klassen, Chair (204.325.7949)
Laurie Dyck (204.325.7720) 
Brenda Willey (204.332-0036)

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:  (Meeting date: last Wednesday of each month 7:00 am)

Laurie Dyck, Chair (204.325.7720)
Garry Bueckert, Education Chair (204.325.9120)
Edwin Guenther, Operations Chair (204.829.7766)
John Klassen, Education Chair (204.325.7949)