Appropriate Educational Programming - Page 3

4.3.8 Further adaptations, monitoring of effectiveness, consultation and collaboration will occur and / or a referral for a specialized assessment (speech and language, psychology, physiotherapy, etc.) will be initiated.

4.3.9 The in-school assessment process may include:

a) addressing the teacher’s concerns and observations with parents / guardians at a teacher / resource conference and / or student services meeting;

b) the development, implementation, and monitoring of a plan by the classroom teacher and resource teacher for a specified period of time;

c) the use of assessment results to develop and implement an Individual Education Plan (IEP) by collaboration among the resource teacher, classroom teacher, parent / guardian, student where applicable, and other school personnel as deemed appropriate and the evaluation of implementation of the IEP to determine if IEP goals are being achieved;

d) if the concerns persist after implementation of the IEP, a pre-referral conference to consider the need for specialized assessment may be held with the appropriate clinician;

e) The in-school team may circumvent the above steps when circumstances warrant and, through the principal or designate, make a referral for specialized assessment;

4.3.10 The principal or designate shall coordinate the referral for a specialized assessment to the Student Services Administrator / Assistant Superintendent.

4.3.11 Referrals for a specialized assessment require written consent and information sharing consent from the parent / guardian and the completed consent forms shall accompany the referral to the Student Services Administrator / Assistant Superintendent or clinician.

4.3.12 The in-school team shall prioritize the referrals for specialized assessment.

4.3.13 A referral to the appropriate clinician will be made after the in-school team has pursued the in-school procedure and a pre-referral conference with the clinician has occurred.

4.3.14 A referral will be completed each time a student is referred for an assessment and / or involvement of the clinician.

4.3.15 A referral is complete once the assessment, the report and meeting with the in-school team and parent / guardian has occurred.

4.3.16 New referrals to psychology and speech and language will typically be made before April 30th of each school year.

4.4 Individual Education Plan (IEP)

4.4.1 In providing for students with exceptional learning needs the principal shall:

a) be accountable for the delivery and implementation of educational programming and services for students with exceptional learning needs;

b) designate a case manager and ensure that an Individual Education Plan / Behaviour Intervention Plan is developed and updated with the assistance of parents / guardians, student (where appropriate), teachers, and other professionals for any student who is unable to engage in the regular curriculum or has student specific learning needs;

c) ensure that parents are informed of student progress at the regularly scheduled reporting periods throughout the year or more frequently if programming changes are deemed appropriate;

d) ensure that the IEP

 is prepared and updated
 takes into account student behavioural and health-care needs (if any)
 is consistent with provincial protocols respecting student transition to and from school
 is updated annually or sooner if required by a change in the behaviour or needs of the student
 is reported on to parent / guardians at least twice a year and / or at least once a semester. These may coincide with regular reporting periods.

4.4.2 In keeping with the policy of the Garden Valley School Division regarding student placement, Individual Education Plans (IEP) shall be written when:

a) the student has exceptional learning needs requiring student specific outcomes that are additions to, are different from, or exceed the curricular outcomes;

b) a student receives Special Needs Funding Level II or Level III

c) a student is determined to be eligible for the English as an Additional Language (E) designation, the Modified (M) course designation, or the Individualized Programming (I) designation in Grade 9 to Grade 12

d) the student requires significant adaptations due to physical disabilities or behaviour difficulties.

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