GVSD Announces High School Catchment Decision

hs catchment_announcement-smallThe GVSD board decision regarding the high school catchments was announced on October 9, 2012. The board announced that a feeder school system will be used to place high school students at GVC or NPC.

The School Board made the decision based on recommendations from the High School Transitions Committee, who met 13 times over 18 months regarding timelines, staffing, and School Catchments. Catchment consultations seeking feedback were held in 2012 involving all GVSD School Staff, Parent Advisory Councils, Students, parents and community. A feeder school system was selected over a geographic catchment system because it met all the following primary criteria:

  1. Middle Years Enrolment Numbers Balanced
  2. City / Rural Split Balance
  3. EAL (New / Existing Canadians) Balance
  4. SES (Socio Economic Status) Balance
  5. Logic / Common Sense (Walk, Busing, Future Schools)

The seletion of feeder schools also best fit with the following additional considerations:

  1. High School students who live inside / outside City of Winkler
  2. High School students within 1.6 km of GVC
  3. High School students inside Winkler but more than 1.6 km from GVC
  4. Number of students from WES + Parkland within 1.6 km of GVC
  5. Number of rural students at WES, Parkland, and Emerado
  6. High School students within 1.6 km of NPC
  7. Projected enrolment growth
  8. Locations of future schools + which high schools they would feed
  9. Existing GVSD school capacity / portables in use

So who will go where? Grade 8 students from WES, Parkland, Prairie Dale, and Hochfeld will attend GVC. Grade 8 students from Emerado, Plum Coulee, Border Valley, and Blumenfeld will attend NPC. Students currently attending GVC will be placed next school year based on their previous middle years school. Students not from a GVSD Gr. 8 school will be placed based on geographic address and siblings.

Students and staff were informed of this decision on October 10, 2012. Verifying all information is important, so community members are advised to talk to their school principal if there are any questions. For a copy of the announcement presentation, or a complete history of the Board’s decision and Transitions Committee proceedings, download the documents below.