September 10, 2013 Update: Where Things Are At

update image-130x97At the September 10 GVSD board meeting, Superintendent Vern Reimer reported to the community that the overall school year startup has been smooth, and that the division is excited about its goals and school plans for the new year.

The total student enrollment as of September 10 is 4,355. School plans are in place, and Reimer reported that all plans are aligned with the GVSD goals of Literacy and/or Professional Learning Communities.

An update on student user fees was also presented. Our elementary schools report compliance with Policy JJDA 4.1, which outlines that there will be no change for:

- Participation in courses (other than noted in 4.2)
- Agenda Planners
- Lockers
- Field Trips related to curricular objectives
- Course fees for labs
- Project materials
- Dramas
- Mini-courses/Exploratory courses
- Intramurals

For the high schools, the following policy items are in place:

- $5 lock rental fee which will be reimbursed in June
- No student fees will be collected
- No fees for field trips or PE activities
- No collecting money from students for anything curricular
- Still charge for band/choir trips + shirts  (students notified prior to registration)
- Working at reducing/eliminating extra curricular fees - all transportation is coming from instructional budget
- No fees for graduation ceremony - instructional budget

The superintendent also provided an update on the government's 20K3 initiative. By September 2017, 90% of the K to 3 classrooms within a school division shall have 20 or fewer students. By September 2017, 10% of K to 3 classrooms within a school division will be permitted to exceed the 20 student cap but not exceed 23 students (all as calculated Sept. 30 annually).

To achieve this goal, GVSD needs by 2017: 19 classrooms and 24 teachers, at a cost of $6.8 million. GVSD has received by 2013: 2 classrooms, 2 teachers, and $600 thousand. GVSD has requested, as part of its 5 year Capital Plan, that a 20 classroom K-8 school be built in Pine Ridge, Winkler.