Parade of Flags Assembly Held At Parkland

mosaic 130x97Parkland School held its Parade of Flags assembly on Monday, October 22, 2012. The parade provided Parkland students with the opportunity to proudly carry their countries’ flags, as well as celebrate their culture and heritage.

A total of 22 countries were represented in the celebration (see list below), with Parkland students--some very new to the school--proudly entering the gym as representatives of their countries of origin. As the parade of flags wound its way to completion, the students from Canada had formed a circle around the students from other countries, thus symbolizing the school's embracing of diversity. The parade was a true reflection of the beliefs and values upheld at Parkland School. The goal is that students will continue to develop an awareness of a larger community and the need to reach out beyond the school. The flags from the parade will remain in the entrance of the school for the rest of the year as an immediate welcome to anyone entering the building.

The recognition and celebration of cultural diversity in our learning communities is a school goal for Parkland School, as well as a major divisional objective for GVSD. In addition to presenting events such as the Parade of Flags, Parkland School strives to set a tone of multiculturalism and inclusion in its weekly routines. As an example, international anthems played each Friday help to highlight the variety of countries represented in the building. Activities such as these, together with cross-grading efforts among the teaching staff, help to build a strong school focus on global appreciation and understanding.

The school's Cultural Diversity Committee is always pursuing new ways to foster wholeness and inclusion. One special project that the committee may consider this year is a "Peace Prints" project, which would involve everyone in the school making a handprint stepping stone that would line the school's tree line or walk-way/playground area. This project could potentially become a growing community project as new students enter the school in coming years.

It is important “to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” -- Maya Angelou 

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Parkland Countries in 2012-2013:

New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom