Parkland Teacher Presents at National Conferences

PhillipsGarden Valley School Division wishes to congratulate Mrs. Cindy Phillips on her recent professional opportunities as Workshop Presenter and Keynote Speaker at two national conferences. Mrs. Phillips, an EAL teacher at Parkland Elementary School, presented a workshop at the TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) Conference in Halifax, NS, on April 29.

More recently, Mrs. Phillips was featured as a Keynote Speaker at the Diversity in Education Conference in Winnipeg. Here, her presentation was received by an audience of more than 100 people.

At the above mentioned conferences, Mrs. Phillips shared about her research findings that came from her thesis work toward a Masters of Second Language Education at the University of Manitoba. In her studies, Mrs. Phillips explored the topic of "Linguistic Landscapes". This refers to language presented through text, symbols and images in the public space. A relatively new area of study, Linguistic Landscapes research is recognized as a valid source to interpret and/or analyze messages that are passed both consciously and unconsciously between local and visiting people to an area. Mrs. Phillips has critically analyzed the linguistic landscapes of Carman, MB and shared her findings with her audiences while showing pictures of the public signs she studied.

Mrs. Phillips has found this topic to be very interesting and has thoroughly enjoyed sharing her learning with colleagues around the country – while experiencing new learning through being a presenter at these educational conferences.