GVC Major Renovation Project Well Underway

1DSCN1323 130x97A major renovation project is underway at Garden Valley Collegiate. The renovation involves new construction and the repurposing of a number of areas of the school. The project will see the creation of a new commons and cafeteria for students on the second floor, as well as renovated instructional spaces for the band, choir, art and drama programs.

The former GVC band room will be turned into an open commons area, with second story windows being installed to provide natural light in this new commons space.The school cafeteria, orginally located in the basement, will be moved to the former Self-Directed Learning (SDL) area on the second floor. The new cafeteria will contain a modern infrastructure and be able to serve a broader range of services to the school population. A new staff room will also be built in the former SDL area on the second floor.

Newly renovated spaces have also been created for Art, Band, and Drama. The former second floor science area has become two classrooms for Art. The former multipurpose room (W27) has become the Band room, while the former Art (W26) and Staff room areas will become the new Drama space.

GVC East is also being renovated. Two classrooms in the east building have been renovated into one large classroom to create a new space for the choir program. A second classroom is being used for the guitar course, and a third classroom is being used by students in the Self-Directed Learning (SDL) program.

The targeted completion time for this project is sometime early 2015. See some photos of this project below:

Art Room:

1DSCN0101 2DSCN9536 3DSCN9699 4DSCN0437 5DSCN9743
5DSCN9743 7DSCN0716 8DSCN1358 9DSCN1359 10DSCN1360

Band Room:

 1DSCN0087  2DSCN0671  3DSCN0672  4DSCN0673  5DSCN9794
 6DSCN9795  7DSCN9846  8DSCN9847  9DSCN9848  10DSCN0710


1DSCN1323 2DSCN0826 3DSCN1142 4DSCN1147 5DSCN1180
6DSCN1184 7DSCN1189 8DSCN1190 9DSCN1325 10DSCN1328

 Drama Room:

1DSCN0051 2DSCN0053 3DSCN0054 4DSCN0119 5DSCN0301
6DSCN0420 7DSCN1408 8DSCN9941 9DSCN9943 10IMG 20140818_101925

 GVC East/Choir Room:

1DSCN9230 2DSCN9278 3DSCN9554 4DSCN9557 5DSCN9714