GVC Celebrates Opening of The Zone

commons 130x97The major renovation project at Garden Valley Collegiate reached a completion milestone with the grand opening of "The Zone" on February 11, 2015. The newly renovated commons area includes a state-of-the-art stage and cafeteria facility on the second floor.

It's expected that this new commons space will be used extensively by GVC students and staff and be a significant part of campus life at GVC.

Newly renovated spaces have also been created for Art, Band, and Drama. The former second floor science area has become two classrooms for Art. The former multipurpose room (W27) has become the Band room, while the former Art (W26) and Staff room areas will be the new Drama space. GVC East has also been renovated. Two classrooms in the east building have been turned into one large classroom to create a new space for the choir program. A second classroom is being used for the guitar course, and a third classroom is being used by students in the Self-Directed Learning (SDL) program.

Planning for this project first began when GVSD was awarded a second high school. The renovation work began last year at an estimated cost of around $2 million. This GVC capital renovation project was not funded by the province, and reflects the board's ongoing commitment to the equity of all learning environments. The board is pleased with the new look of the school, and some final work on the school's exterior will bring this capital project to a close.

See below for some photos showing the progression of this project.

commons old_view_east    commons old_view_west    commons during_construction    commons new_view_east    commons new_view_west

GVC art_01    new art_room    GVC band_01    GVC band_02    GVC east_choral_01

GVC east_choral_02