Border Valley Staff Room

Border Valley School recently underwent a construction project involving the addtion of a staff room. The project involved putting an addtion on the school for a new staff room. The project also entailed creating a new office space for the head custodian. At the start of the 2014-2015 school year, this project was completed and the staff moved into the facility in September. See some of the photos of this project below:

DSCN0225  DSCN0316  DSCN0325 DSCN0340   DSCN0474
 DSCN0476  DSCN0606  DSCN0668  DSCN0669  DSCN0917
 DSCN1124  DSCN1165  DSCN1167  DSCN1168  DSCN1169
 DSCN1276  DSCN1309  DSCN1462  DSCN1508  DSCN1563
 DSCN5732  DSCN5733  DSCN9809  DSCN9890  DSCN9892
 DSCN9914  DSC 3510  DSC 3512  DSC 3513  DSC 3549
 DSC 3554  IMG 6274  IMG 20140718_081800  IMG 20140721_104036  IMG 20140818_092944