NPC Opens: Night Hawks Take Flight

NPC golden west-130x97Northlands Parkway Collegiate (NPC) opened its doors to students for the first time amidst great excitement and fanfare. Staff and students (all grades 9-12) arrived on the morning of Wednesday, September 4 2013 for the first day of classes.

The local radio stations where on hand broadcasting live on-site, with student and staff interviews capturing the first day excitement. The students had their own way of kicking off the new era, with many arriving VIP-style in stretch limousines.

Students first gathered in the commons area before heading into the gym for a special assembly to mark the special day. The official school name was also announced on the first day, which is NPC "Night Hawks." The day went extremely well. GVSD wishes to thank all of those who worked very hard in preparing the school for its opening day.

More information about NPC's official Grand Opening event will be posted online as it becomes available. See first day photos below.


NPC golden_west    NPC commons    NPC assembly