JR Walkof Staff Room Renovation

A renovation project took place at JR Walkof School in summer 2016, which involved creating a larger staff room space. Below are some before and after photos of the staff room and east hallway area, which originally housed a storage room and Vice Principal's office.

jrw staffroom_2016-1    jrw staffroom_2016-2    jrw staffroom_2016-3    jrw staffroom_2016-4    jrw staffroom_2016-5

jrw staffroom_2016-6    jrw staffroom_2016-7    jrw staffroom_2016-8    jrw staffroom_2016-9    jrw staffroom_2016-10

jrw staffroom_2016-11    jrw staffroom_2016-12    jrw staffroom_2016-13    jrw staffroom_2016-14