E-Bulletin, December 9, 2014

1.   Industrial Arts Program Expansion - GVC  

     • Trustees approved a request from GVC, subject to budget approval during the annual budget process, to expand the current industrial arts course offerings by accessing the wood shop at GVCTEC.  

     • The expanded program will require additional transportation to move students between GVC and GVCTEC in order for students to access the necessary courses.  

     • The additional courses will allow students to take either two or four credits in IA Woodworking throughout their four years of high school education.  

2.   Provincial Bill 2  

     • Bill 2 is proposed legislation that will place a cap on class sizes in kindergarten to grade 3 classrooms.  

     • If passed, this legislation will require additional classrooms in order to accommodate the smaller class sizes. Since GVSD schools are already struggling to find sufficient space, additional infrastructure will be required.  

     • Trustees decided to take the following actions:   

          o request a meeting with PSFB to get a status report on the GVSD 5 Year Capital Plan, which included a request for a new K-8 school for the City of Winkler.   

          o meet with the local MLA to discuss Bill 2 further.   

          o invite the Minister of Education to GVSD for a tour of the schools to provide further information on the impact of Bill 2 on Garden Valley.

3.  Old GVSD Maintenance Shop (White House)  

     • The school division had previously distributed a call for proposals to have the old maintenance shop relocated from its current location next to Winkler Elementary School.     

     • However, with no interest expressed, request for proposals will be distributed to remove the existing building from the property and clean up the site.     

4.  Strategic Plan Update   

     • The Superintendent provided an update on the goals in the current GVSD strategic plan: early years literacy and professional learning communities.  

     • Literacy: In September 2014, assessment results indicated that 61% of early years students are starting the school year reading at or above grade level, as opposed to 47% in September 2012.   It was also noted the Board’s investment in classroom libraries has resulted in over 11,000 new books for students in grade 1 and 2 classrooms throughout the school division.

      • Professional Learning Communities: All schools in the division currently have Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) established that are focused on improving student learning, with the majority of the PLC’s targeting either literacy or numeracy.   

. PLC’s focus on the critical 4 questions:    

     1. What are we expecting students to learn?    

     2. How will we know they have learned it?    

     3. What will we do if they have not learned it?    

     4. What will we do if they already know it?