E-Bulletin, May 12, 2015

1.  Northlands Parkway Collegiate Presentation • Principal Tammy Macdonald, along with Vice Principal Jeff Osinski and Resource Teacher Mandy Friesen provided an overview of how students are supported at Northlands Parkway Collegiate. • The vision is to have all learners in regular courses with appropriate supports. • Teachers, along with an assigned

Resource Teacher, collaborate to meet the learning needs of the students, and ensure that students have every opportunity to be successful.

2.  RRTVA Secondment • Trustees approved the secondment of Brenda Giesbrecht to the position of RRTVA Director beginning September, 2015. • Mrs. Giesbrecht has been working with the RRTVA for the past four years as the RRTVA Program Services Coordinator. • The Red River Technical Vocational Area is a group of school divisions consisting of Border Land, Garden Valley, Red River Valley and Western school divisions dedicated to providing access to high quality technology education programs for area high school students.

3.  2015-2016 Staffing Update • To date 57 positons have been posted, with 50 of these positions being filled. • Of the current hires, 82% are internal candidates and 12% are new graduates.

4.   Capital Projects • The Southwood School Staff Room renovation project – Planning continues with the goal to begin construction before the winter freeze up. • Parkland School Bus Loop - Construction is scheduled for early July for completion by September 2015.