E-Bulletin, September 8, 2015

1.     Board Re-organization 2015-2016 • Board Chair – Laurie Dyck • Vice Chair – Sam Berg • Education Committee – Garry Bueckert (chair); John Klassen; Laurie Dyck • Finance Committee – Leah Klassen (chair); Brenda Willey; June Letkeman • Operations Committee – Sam Berg (chair); Tash Olfert; David Wallace

2. Capital Projects Update • Southwood School Staff Room Expansion – Planning is complete.  Concrete and foundation work is scheduled to be completed before winter freeze up. • JR Walkof Portable – A portable classroom is being moved from GVC.  It is scheduled to be occupied by November 1, 2015.  • Division Office Renovation – Converted space for the computer department was completed over the summer break. • Parkland Student Drop Off / Parent Loop is complete.  Parents will be informed of the new process for dropping off students. • GVC East Roof Replacement – The project was completed over the summer. 

3. Presentation to Imagination Library • The Board of Trustees presented a $5,000.00 contribution to the Imagination Library. • The aim of the Imagination Library is to provide children up to 5 years of age with books. • It is a proven fact that children who are read to from birth are more likely to excel in school.

4. Board Member Resignation • The Board accepted a resignation letter from trustee June Letkeman and thanked her for her service.  A by-election will be scheduled for late fall.