E-Bulletin, November 10, 2015

1.   Prairie Dale School Presentation • Principal David Hoeppner and teacher Anny Froese, accompanied by numerous staff members, shared the importance of building relationships

that are rooted in a foundation of trust. • Prairie Dale School uses an organizational structure of teams or “hives” to build relationships and promote academic rigour. • The horizontal teams develop trusting relationships at the homeroom level, while the vertical teams are instrumental in developing trusting relationships that extend beyond the homerooms.

2.   By-election Update • The by-election being held to fill the Ward 2 vacancy on the GVSD Board of Trustees is underway. • Advanced polling is taking place on the following dates: Nov. 9, 10, and 12th. • Regular voting will take place on Wednesday, November 18 from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm at the School Division Office in Winkler. • Only voters residing in Ward 2 – residents living outside the City of Winkler – are eligible to vote.   3.    Capital Projects Update • Southwood School Staff Room Renovation – Work has started, with an anticipated completion date of end of February 2016. • JR Walkof Portable – The contract has been awarded to Cornerstone Construction from Morden. Work will begin in the near future to move the portable on site and connect it.

4.   Community Connections • During the 2015-2016 school year, GVSD will be celebrating its great schools. Each month one school will be highlighted with a special event. • On November 10 Garden Valley Collegiate highlighted their Remembrance Day Service. • December’s highlight is the Garage Sale at Winkler Elementary School. • For more information, please visit the GVSD website at www.gvsd.ca