E-Bulletin, December 8, 2015

1.   GVSD Board To Invite Education Minister Allum To Discuss New School Request • To further discuss GVSD’s Five Year Capital Plan request for a new K-8 school, the Board will invite Minister James Allum to the division.

2.   Early Development Instrument Results • The 2015 Early Development Instrument survey results, indicating the readiness of Kindergarten students for grade 1, have been shared with individual schools and the Winkler Family Resource Centre, our community partner in pre-school programming. • These results will be used for planning purposes in supporting children and families in preparing children for school. • For GVSD results, please visit the division website at www.gvsd.ca.  

3.   By-election Update • The by-election held to fill the ward 2 vacancy on the GVSD Board of Trustees took place on Wednesday, November 18. • Congratulations to Edwin Guenther on being elected to the Board of Trustees.  

4.    Capital Projects Update • Southwood School Staff Room Renovation – Floor is complete and some walls are up.  Trusses will arrive in the near future.  Completion anticipated by March 2016.  • JR Walkof Portable – The portable classroom has been relocated on site and is being connected.  Interior work is beginning.  Completion anticipated by February 2016.

5.   Eye See, Eye Learn Program • As part of the commitment to provide the best opportunities for students to achieve success, Garden Valley School Division is pleased to support the Eye See...Eye Learn® program through the Manitoba Association of Optometrists. Eye See…Eye Learn® is based on research that confirms the importance of vision and eye health on students' success in learning. • As part of the kindergarten registration packages in February 2016, GVSD will be recommending a comprehensive eye health examination for all children entering kindergarten. • Manitoba Health covers the cost of children's eye exams; however, less than twenty percent of Manitoba children access this service before they begin school.