E-BULLETIN, February 10, 2010


1.  2010-11 Early Kindergarten Registration – Parents with children born in 2005 or earlier can register their child at one of our elementary schools until February 19, 2010.


2. Gr. 3 Assessment Results – In the areas of numeracy and reading, GVSD grade 3 students, 47% of who are EAL (English as Additional Language Learners), are meeting curricular outcomes to nearly the same level as other grade 3 students in Manitoba.

3. Plum Coulee Elementary School Celebrates – Principal Mary Eberling-Penner provided a “virtual tour” of the school year for trustees who were treated to a slide show that highlighted the unique happenings that make life and learning at Plum Coulee interesting and fun.


1. Provincial Budget Announcement - Education Minister Nancy Allen announced an overall increase to the provincial education operating budget of 2.95%. Assuming an increase of  70 new GVSD students for 2010-11, it translates into a projected increase of 5.5% in provincial funding which makes up 70% of the divisions operating budget. The other 30% is generated from local taxes.  


1. Northlands Parkway Collegiate Public Planning Meeting - The School Board greatly appreciates the community’s participation in the Collective Design Process workshops held on January 26 +  27, 2010. Results from the round table discussions can be viewed at www.gvsd.ca and clicking on the link “Northlands Parkway Collegiate”. 

2. Winkler Elementary School Play Structure – Winkler Elementary School and the Parent

      Advisory Council are raising funds to purchase a new play structure and create a public

green space. GVSD thanks the City of Winkler for graciously contributing $10,000 to the project.


1. Staff Appreciation Week – February 8 – 14, 2010 - The Garden Valley School Division

      Board of Trustees would like to thank all staff for the caring and upbeat outlook they show

      each day. The energy and commitment of staff touch students’ lives and help make each

      day brighter.

2. Teacher Recruitment Fairs – Garden Valley School Division attended the annual career

      fairs at the University of Manitoba, Brandon University, and the University of Winnipeg.

      These career fairs provide an opportunity for the school division to interact

      with faculty of education students who may be graduating and seeking employment.