E-Bulletin, September 13, 2016

The following is the E-bulletin highlighting the GVSD School Board meeting of September 13, 2016.

1. Board Re-organization 2016-2017
• Board Chair – Laurie Dyck
• Vice Chair – Tash Olfert
• Education Committee – John Klassen (chair), Leah Klassen, Garry Bueckert
• Finance Committee – Tash Olfert (chair), Brenda Willey, Laurie Dyck
• Operations Committee – Edwin Guenther (chair), Sam Berg, David Wallace

2. Capital Projects Update
• WES Hallway Project = Renovations have been done to upgrade 2 of the hallways on the main level. This project has been inspected, approved and is now complete.
• JRW Staffroom Renovation = This project provided a larger staffroom space at the school and was completed over the summer.
• PKLD Work Room Renovation = The work room space was expanded over the summer and is now complete.

3. Presentation to Imagination Library
• The Board of Trustees presented a $10,000.00 contribution to members of the Imagination Library committee.
• The aim of the Imagination Library is to provide children up to 5 years of age with books.
• Members of the committee shared how these books are impacting the lives of children and families who receive them.

4. Minister of Education Visits GVSD
• At the invitation of the Board of Trustees, on September 9th Minister Wishart visited GVSD to discuss the school division’s request for a new K-8 school.
• A new school would address the need for permanent construction additions at JRW and PKLD where 23 portable classrooms are currently in use and also provide sufficient space for the school division to meet provincial legislation regarding class sizes in kindergarten to gr. 3.
• GVSD currently has 40 portables, with 23% of its student population using these portable classrooms.