E-Bulletin, November 8, 2016

1.   Border Valley School Presentation • Principal Renae Hildebrand, along with staff member Pamela Klassen-Dueck, provided a report on literacy at the Border Valley Unit. • When reviewing assessment data for the school, it was noted that many students experience a reading loss over the summer. As a result, the school created a Summer Reading Program

where students could have access to reading books over the summer. • Results from this program indicate that more students are maintaining their reading levels over the summer, with some students even experiencing reading gains.   

2.    Student Forum with Trustees • On October 27, 2016 Trustees held a student forum at Northlands Parkway Collegiate with Gr. 9-12 student representatives from each high school. • The purpose of the forum was to allow trustees to hear directly from students and discuss their education, experiences, concerns and celebrations.  • The information collected will be used by the School Board to assist in decision making and planning for the division.

3.   Retirement – Supervisor of Operations • The Supervisor of Operations, Mr. Ken Bergen, announced his retirement, effective June 30, 2017. • Ken has been employed with Garden Valley School Division for the past 26 years. • The School Board expressed their gratitude to Ken for his long term service to GVSD.

4.   Division Office Christmas Schedule • The Division Office will be closed from Friday, December 23, 2016 through to January 2, 2017, inclusive. • Regular office hours will resume on Tuesday, January 3, 2017.