E-Bulletin, April 11, 2017

1.  Plum Coulee School Presentation
• Principal Mary Eberling-Penner shared an update on the school goals of literacy and numeracy.
• Recent literacy assessment data for K-4 students indicate the number of students reading at or above grade level continues to improve, with over 70% of students in most grades
meeting expectations.
• Plum Coulee School is also focused on improving numeracy skills of students, specifically in the area of problem solving.
• Teachers Curtis Harms and Lucas Enns shared a teaching strategy they have been using with students entitled “Escaping the Classroom”. This strategy has been shown to be highly engaging with students while they communicate and reason mathematically to solve problems and make connections. 
2.  Cricket Presentation
• The local cricket organization made a presentation to trustees to express their gratitude for the partnership between GVSD, the City of Winkler and the cricket organization to develop a cricket pitch.
• GVSD has agreed to lease the undeveloped land adjacent to NPC to the City of Winkler, who will partner with the cricket association to care for maintenance and development costs of the cricket pitch.
• The organization also provided an overview of the game of cricket and shared their plans for growing the game in the Winkler area.
3.  Waste Management Proposal
• The City of Winkler would like to expand composting in the schools and therefore reduce waste that is transferred to the landfill.
• One school will pilot a composting program to see the impact on waste.  NPC has agreed to participate starting in 2017/18.  Composting bins will be provided by the City of Winkler and the school will begin an education plan for students and staff. 
4. Portable Classroom Approvals
• Public School Finance Branch has approved three portable classrooms:  two at Parkland School and one at JR Walkof for September 2017.
• These portables will be relocated from Garden Valley Collegiate.