E-Bulletin, September 12, 2017

1.    Board Re-organization 2017-2018
• Board Chair – Laurie Dyck
• Vice Chair – John Klassen
• Education Committee – Garry Bueckert (Chair); Tash Olfert; David Wallace
• Operations Committee – Edwin Guenther (Chair); Leah Klassen; Sam Berg
• Policy Committee –  John Klassen (Chair); Brenda Willey; Laurie Dyck
2. Capital Projects Update
• Parkland School Grooming Room = This project is complete and ready for occupancy.
• GVCTEC Classroom Renovation = An additional classroom space was needed at GVCTEC. The work was completed over the summer by GVSD Maintenance Department.
• Portable Classrooms at PKLD and JRW = Three portable classrooms were relocated from GVC to PKLD(2) and JRW(1) over the summer. The relocations are complete and ready for occupancy.
• Water Main Breaks at JRW and WES = During the month of August a main water line break occurred at both JRW and WES within the same week. Both schools are repaired and ready for school start up.
3.   New K-8 School for Winkler West
• The schematic design was completed over the summer, which places all the spaces within the footprint of the building.  The design development process is underway – which is designing the interior spaces.
• The planning is on schedule to this point.  The next planning target is to have drawings complete to 66% by November 3, 2017. 
• A name-the-school contest will take place later in fall. More details will be provided at a later date.
4. Preliminary Enrolment 17-18
• GVSD projected a student enrolment of 4466 for 2017-2018.  Preliminary enrolment numbers are indicating an overall divisional increase approaching 4600 at this point in time.
• The division has to report student enrolment to, and is funded by, the Province of Manitoba based on September 30th enrolment numbers.