E-Bulletin, November 14, 2017

1.   Parkland Elementary School Presentation
• Principal Janice Krahn and Vice Principal Joanne Doerksen were joined by teachers Pauline Peters, Lindsey Friesen, and Melissa Grenier and provided an overview of the practice of “looping”, that has been taking place in the school.
• Looping is the intentional practice of having a teacher stay with the same class or group of students for multiple school years.
• Some of the benefits identified were: students are familiar with the teacher, class routines and expectations; teacher is familiar with students and their learning needs; new learning starts right away because of the familiarity; and continuity for students who struggle with change.
• Some of the challenges identified were: informing and educating parents about looping; and teachers needing to become familiar with a different grade level.
2.    Gr. 12 Standards Tests Results – Semester 2; 2016-2017
• English Language Arts – The GVSD mean score (65%) was slightly lower than the provincial average score (66.7%) but the GVSD pass rate (90.7%) was slightly higher than the province (82.8%).
• Essential Mathematics – The GVSD mean score (67.9%) and pass rate (83.7%) was higher than the provincial average (MS = 53.7% and PR = 57.6%).
• Pre-Calculus Mathematics – The GVSD mean score (58.7%) and pass rate (70.6%) was lower than the provincial average (MS = 67.5% and PR = 78.7%).
• Test results are reviewed by high school principals and teachers to adapt instruction where needed.
3.   Update – New Elementary School in Winkler West
• Development of school drawings are on schedule, with 66% completion to date.
• The construction tender will be released early January 2018 and will be out for 4 weeks.
• Construction is expected to start in February 2018.
• The “Name the School” contest has closed, with just over 100 submissions received. The winning name will be announced at the December Board meeting.
 4.   Strategic Plan Early Years Literacy Initiative – Fall Assessment Results
• All GVSD grade 1-4 students have been assessed in literacy using a Fountas and Pinnell Literacy Assessment.
• Currently 66% of GVSD grade 1-4 students are reading at or above grade level.  The goal is to have 85% reading at or above grade level by June 30, 2018.