E Bulletin, October 2009


1. H1N1

  • Unusually high student absenteeism has been reported on our website.  All schools have had students missing school due to illness; Winkler Elementary and JR Walkof have had more students away than normal.

2. High School Philosophy Paper

  • After a sub-committee spent the 2008-09 school year researching what excellent high schools should look like, the school board approved the philosophy paper which will become the focus of both the existing and the new high school. The paper will be located on our website http://www.gvsd.ca


1. School Construction / Space Update:

  • Former Division Office – the conversion to four classrooms to accommodate 100 GVC students will open November 17, 2009.
  • Schanzenfeld Middle School – A public information meeting will take place at the Southwood School November 17, 7:30 p.m.  The School Board will release the new school name, review floor plans, and answer questions regarding the new school.
  • New High School – We need your help naming our new high school!  The contest will run from November 18 to December 9, entry forms are available in the Winkler Times as well as on our website http://www.gvsd.ca

2. Winter Bus Route

  • Due to a lack of bus drivers, only one winter bus route is in operation.  GVSD is looking for more bus drivers and will start the other City of Winkler winter bus routes when drivers are hired.


1.  School Budgets Increased

  • To accommodate enrolment growth and increasing costs, 2009/10 school budgets will increase by 7.76% over 2008/09.  The total allocation to schools is about $1.5 million.


1. Enrolment:

  • October 31, 2009 enrolment is 4241, up 11 students over the previous month, or up 174 students from September 2008.
  • Enrolment is expected to keep increasing steadily due to the expected arrival of approximately 200 new families by December 2010.

2. Board Strategic Planning Session

  • The school board, senior administrators, and school principals met Nov. 5-6, 2009 to prepare the Strategic Plan for 2010-11 school year.  The school board will be meeting November 24/09 for further discussion and to finalize the plan.
  • A finalized strategic plan will be posted on the division website and published in a booklet that will be shared with the community.

3. New Minister of Education

  • Manitoba’s new Premier Greg Selinger shuffled the NDP cabinet November 3, 2009 resulting in Nancy Allan leaving her role as Minister of Labour and Immigration and being named the new Minister of Education.
  • GVSD thanks former Education Minister Peter Bjornson for his many contributions to public education and in addressing the growth needs of Garden Valley with the award of two new schools.