E-Bulletin, June 26, 2012

1.  Provincial 20K3 Initiative Update

  • On June 14, 2012 the province announced that:
    • by September 2017, 90% of the K to 3 classrooms within a school division shall have 20 or fewer students (calculation date will be Sept. 30 annually).
    • by September 2017, 10% of K to 3 classrooms within a school division will be permitted to exceed the 20 student cap but not exceed 23 students (as calculated Sept. 30 annually).
    • For GVSD to be compliant in all K-3 schools, 15 additional classrooms and 17 teachers are required.
    • The division will begin formulating a 5-year implementation plan in consultation with Manitoba Education and the Public Schools Finance Branch to reach compliance by September 2017.

2.  2012-2013 Teacher Hiring

  • 66 positions have been posted this spring.
  • To date, 64 of these positions have been filled.

3.  Winkler Elementary Gym Floor

  • The Board approved funding for a new hardwood gym floor for Winkler Elementary School.
  • The project should begin late August and be completed by the end of September 2012.