E-Bulletin, September 11, 2012

 1.   Board Reorganization

·        The board completed its annual reorganization.

 Board reorganization_2012

Left to Right:

Ed Rempel - Operations Chair (Committee: Cindy Smart, Sam Berg)

Leah Klassen - Education Chair (Committee: Brenda Willey, Darrel Wiebe)

Laurie Dyck - Board Vice Chair and Finance Chair (Committee: Tash Olfert, Edwin Guenther)

Sam Berg – Board Chair

2.   Literacy Initiative

·        Grade 1 and 2 teachers will be receiving training on the student assessment kits on September 13 and 18, 2012.

·        Data will be collected during September and presented to the Board at the October Board meeting.

·        The Literacy Steering Committee, consisting of representatives from each elementary school, will use this data to formulate an action plan for the 2012-2013 school year.

3.      Construction Updates

·          NPC – Construction is continuing to proceed on schedule.

·          GVSD Maintenance Shop – Penner Construction has been awarded the tender for this project. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of December 2012.

·          WES Gym Floor – The new hardwood floor is being installed and should be completed by the end of September.

·          Border Valley Staff Room Addition – Architectural drawings are complete and the project is ready to go to tender with construction to begin this fall.

·          GVC Renovations – The Board is working with GVC and the architects to develop preliminary drawings and gather cost estimates.

4.      NPC Daycare

·           The new high school will have a day care attached.

·           Family Services is responsible for establishing an independent day care board as well as finding potential day care providers.

·           GVSD will be responsible for the selection of the daycare provider who reports to the independent day care board.

·           More information will be coming from Angela Wall, Child Care Co-ordinator - Family Services and Labour Community Service Delivery

5.      Provincial 20k3 Initiative

·           On June 14, 2012 the province announced that:

·        by September 2017, 90% of the K to 3 classrooms within a school division shall have 20 or fewer students (calculation date will be Sept. 30 annually).

·        by September 2017, 10% of K to 3 classrooms within a school division will be permitted to exceed the 20 student cap but not exceed 23 students (as calculated Sept. 30 annually).

·           The division will begin formulating a 5-year implementation plan in consultation with Manitoba Education and the Public Schools Finance Branch to reach compliance by September 2017.

·           In order to reach compliance, GVSD will require additional classrooms throughout the division.