E-Bulletin, October 23, 2012

1.  Literacy Initiative

  • The Literacy Steering Committee, consisting of one teacher rep from each school, principals, the literacy co-ordinator and senior administration, will meet October 24.
  • The agenda includes hearing feedback about the process, goal setting, and the development of an action plan which will address the focus of the literacy coordinator for the year, professional development for teachers and principals and resources needed.

 2.  5-Year Capital Plan Update

  • The Superintendent and Board Chair met with Nancy Allen on October 15 to discuss the needs in our division.
  • The information was also shared with our MLA, Cameron Friesen, on October 18.
  • A brief overview of the presentation was shared with the Board.

 3.  Board Professional Growth

  • The Board continued their book study “Leadership for Student Learning: The school board’s role in creating school districts where all students succeed”.
  • Chapter 6, Developing Leadership and Collaboration Around Shared Purpose, was discussed.
  • Key points: supporting collaboration at the school level and recognizing school successes

 4.  Community Connections

  • Board members were available to the public to answer any questions about catchment areas and GVC renovations during the student conferences on October 11 and 12 at GVC.