E-Bulletin, March 12, 2013

1.   2013-2014 Division Strategic Plan

      There are 2 primary goals:

         a. Literacy – the literacy initiative will include Kindergarten and grade 3.  “By June 2014, grade 1-3 students will increase reading levels, 85% at or above grade level.”

         b. Professional Learning Communities - All schools will establish Learning Teams with official meeting times scheduled on the school calendar. The teams will identify a goal, identify essential learning understandings, develop common assessments, and analyze data to adjust instruction.

2.   2013-2014 Divisional Budget

  • Provincial funding increased by $890,000 (3.6%)
  • Expenditures projected to increase by about $4.3M (11.0%)
  • Local Education property taxes will increase by about 3.6% due to an approved mil rate increase of 0.69
  • Impact on a home with an assessed value of $250,000 – increase of about $77.00
  • Accumulated surplus to be drawn down by an estimated $1.0M
  • New expenditure highlights
  1. Literacy Initiative - $20,000 increase
  2. Reduce student user fees - $70,000
  3. IT infrastructure equipment upgrade - $70,000
  4. Clinical Services – 2.0 FTE Clinicians (Social Work & School Psychology)
  5. Startup costs for Northlands Parkway Collegiate - $1.5M
  6. Expand transportation services - $370,000 (12 new bus routes)
  7. 15 additional school buses - $1.5M
  8. Garden Valley Collegiate Renovation Project to commence immediately

 3. Bill 18 – Safe and Inclusive Schools

     The Board is in the process of reviewing the proposed Bill. Remaining steps include:

  1. Meeting with the Education Minister later this week.
  2. Meeting with representatives from GVSD Parent Advisory Councils in the upcoming weeks.

 4. Grade 3 Assessment Results

  • Trustees reviewed the grade 3 assessment results for schools in GVSD for 2012/13. It was noted that GVSD students are performing comparable to provincial averages in most categories in literacy and numeracy.
  • It was also noted that 33% of grade 3 students in the division are considered English as an Additional Language (EAL) students.

 5. Former Maintenance Shop

  • The Public Schools Finance Board has given the division approval to dispose of the old maintenance shop located on the Winkler Elementary School property.
  • GVSD would like to have the building relocated to another site to provide more space on the school property.

 6. Portables Request

  • Garden Valley School Division has submitted a request to the Public Schools Finance Board to acquire a portable classroom to accommodate additional washroom facilities at J.R. Walkof Elementary School.
  • With continued growth at the school, there has been an increasing need for additional washroom facilities.

 7. Board Meeting Schedule

  • Due to spring break, the regularly scheduled board meeting for March 26 @ 8:00 am has been canceled.
  • The next board meeting will take place on April 9 @ 8:00 pm.