E-Bulletin, June 11, 2013

1.     Plum Coulee Unit Presentation

  • Principal Mary Eberling-Penner, along with teachers Debbie Guenther-Doell and Melanie Becker from Plum Coulee School and Wanda Quiring from Edelweiss School provided an overview of the early years literacy initiative this past year.
  • The teachers highlighted some of the celebrations and challenges experienced along with examples of some of the instructional strategies used with students.  


2.     2013/2014 Teacher Hiring

  • To date, 71 positions have been posted, 65 of which have been filled.
  • Of those hired, 71% have been internal candidates that were currently working with GVSD in either a term or permanent position.

3.      JR Walkof Portable Classrooms

  • Three portable classrooms have been awarded for fall of 2013 at JR Walkof. Moving should take place during the summer.


4.     Middle Years Assessment Results and Grade 12 Standards Tests Results for Semester 1

  • The middle years assessment results for 2012-2013 indicate that GVSD grade 7 students are performing at the provincial average in most areas of numeracy. Grade 8 students in GVSD have shown slight gains from the previous year, with students performing close to the provincial average in comprehension and expository writing.
  • The 2012-2013 school year has been a pilot testing process year for provincial mathematics achievement tests. As such, Semester 1 results of the grade 12 tests in mathematics were significantly lower than previous years across the province and the division.
  • The grade 12 English Language Arts standards tests indicate that GVSD students are performing slightly below the provincial average.