E-Bulletin, September 10, 2013

1.   Board Re-organization for 2013-2014 • The board completed its annual reorganization.


2013-14 board restructuring

Left to Right:
Darrel Wiebe - Operations Chair (Committee: Leah Klassen, Ed Rempel)
Tash Olfert - Education Chair (Committee: Cindy Smart, Sam Berg)
Laurie Dyck - Board Vice Chair and Finance Chair (Committee: Brenda Willey, Edwin Guenther)
Edwin Guenther – Board Chair  

2.   Enrolment Update

• Preliminary enrolment data is looking positive for GVSD. Total numbers have increased by about 34 students from September 2012, where our student enrolment was approximately 4321. • The division has to report student enrolment to the province by September 30 of each year.

3.  Construction Updates

• NPC – School is opened to staff and students but finishing work is continuing.
• JRW Portables - the portable classrooms are in place and occupied with temporary access stairs in place.  The design of the bathrooms portable is in progress.
• WES Structural Upgrades - this project will be complete by the end of September.

4. Literacy Initiative

• The literacy initiative will be expanding to include grade 3 students, in addition to grades 1 and 2 students, for 2013-2014.
• Assessment training for all grade 3 teachers and new teachers in grade 1 & 2 is scheduled for September 13.
• The assessments will take place later in September, with results available by early October.

5. Five Year Capital Plan

• GVSD has to submit a five year capital plan request to the Public Schools Finance Board. Some of the main points of the most recent submission include: 
       o Build K-8 school in Winkler West (Pine Ridge) to accommodate 450 students. 
       o Winkler Elementary: Construct a new gymnasium, replace portables and renovate the west Kindergarten room. 
       o Southwood School: Replace 7 portables with school addition and renovate second Kindergarten room. 
       o JR Walkof: Replace 15 portables with school addition. 
       o Parkland School: Replace 7 portables with school addition. 
       o Science Labs: Renew in Plum Coulee, Border Valley, GVC. 
       o Build second K-8 school in the Winkler area.

6. 20k3 Update

• On June 14, 2012 the province announced that:
       o by September 2017, 90% of the K to 3 classrooms within a school division shall have 20 or fewer students (calculation date will be Sept. 30 annually).
       o by September 2017, 10% of K to 3 classrooms within a school division will be permitted to exceed the 20 student cap but not exceed 23 students (as calculated Sept. 30 annually).
• To be totally compliant with this initiative, GVSD needs more space to accommodate additional classrooms.
• Based on current enrolment, GVSD has approximately 45% of K to gr. 3 classrooms having 20 students or less, and approximately 51% of classrooms having 21-23 students.