E-Bulletin, November 12, 2013

1.   Prairie Dale School Presentation – “Our Professional Learning Community (PLC) Journey”

  • Principal David Hoeppner, along with staff members Chad Bergen, Anny Froese and Jacqui Kusnick shared their PLC journey and goal of having 80% of students achieving 80% or greater mastery on the critical core learning outcomes in literacy and numeracy.
  • One of the strategies the school is using to achieve this goal is that of a vertical and horizontal teaming approach with staff to promote collaborative enquiry to focus on improving student learning.

2.   Grade 12 Standards Tests Results Semester 2, 2012-2013

  • Generally, the Math marks were significantly lower than usual for both the Division and the Province – likely due to the fact this was a pilot testing year for the math achievement tests.
  • The grade 12 English Language Arts standards tests indicated that GVSD students performed slightly below the provincial average.

3.   Literacy Initiative

  • The September assessments revealed there is an increase in the number of grade 1 and 2 students reading at or above grade level compared to last year.
  • The data indicates there is steady progress toward meeting the goal of 85% of students reading at or above grade level in the early years.    

4.   Transportation Routes

  • With the opening of Northlands Parkway Collegiate there have been many changes to bus routes and ride times.
  • Trustees reviewed the many criteria used by the transportation department when creating bus routes.  
  • It was noted that as part of the 2013-2014 budget process the Board had provided funding for the purchase of additional buses and to hire additional drivers to prepare for the anticipated changes and minimize the disruptions to schools and families as much as possible.