E-Bulletin, December 10, 2013

1.   Capital Projects Update

  • BV Staff Room Addition – construction drawings will be completed by early January, with the project going to tender soon thereafter.
  • GVC Renovation – construction drawings are complete and project will go to tender in January.
  • WES Foundation Renovation – The existing concrete beams have been augmented with steel beams to enhance the foundation for future years. As part of this project, some heating lines and electrical services were upgraded as well.
  • NPC – Culinary kitchen facilities are up and running. The light standards have been installed at the cross walk and the school is now waiting for MB Hydro to conclude and make it operational.

2.     Revised Policies

  • The following revised policies received final motion: Policy CFBC – Supervision Evaluation of Teaching Staff; BCA School Board Member Code of Conduct; JJE Fundraising in Schools; JIC Student Conduct; and CFACA Duties of Clinical Services Team.
  • These policies will be updated in the GVSD policy manual, which is available on the Garden Valley School Division website at www.gvsd.ca.

3.     Student Enrolment Numbers

  • Enrolment numbers are down by 47 students from September 30.
  • The decline in student numbers could potentially have an impact on staffing levels for the next school year, unless student enrolments increase.
  • Preliminary staffing numbers for the next school year are generated by the end of January, using the current enrolment numbers as a starting point.