E-Bulletin, February 11, 2014

1.   Southwood School Presentation

  • Principal Moyra Vallelly, along with teachers Judith Baerg and Jacqueline Vanderwees, shared some of the literacy celebrations taking place at Southwood School.
  • Teacher Judith Baerg provided a glimpse into reading at the kindergarten level where students learned the joy of reading by baking a cake.
  • Teacher Jacqueline Vanderwees gave an overview of the guided reading program at the grade 2 level.

2.   Renovation Projects

  • The tenders for the GVC renovation project and the JR Walkof School portable washroom renovation have closed, with multiple tenders for each project.
  • Cornerstone Construction has been awarded the GVC renovation project, and Penner Construction has been awarded the JR Walkof portable washroom renovation project.

3.   EAL Coordinator Position

  • In recent years the EAL student population in GVSD has experienced a significant decline.
  • As a result of this decline, the 50% EAL Coordinator position will be eliminated effective July 1, 2014.

4.   Revised Date for March Board Meeting

  • In light of the altered spring break this year to accommodate the Manitoba Winter Games that are being hosted in the region, the regularly scheduled public board meeting for March will be moved to Tuesday, March 18 @ 8:00 pm.

5.   2014-2015 Budget Announcement

  • New funding from the province for Garden Valley School Division is estimated at approximately $2.2M – with the majority of the funding in support of operating costs for the new high school – Northlands Parkway Collegiate. The most significant increase in funding is from the Equalization Support Grant. The province increased its support from 62% to 64% of unfunded expenditures.