E-Bulletin, March 18, 2014

1. 2014-2015 Division Budget

Trustees approved a special levy increase of $673,500 (4.27%), which results in a mil rate decrease of 8.88% (from 19.81 to 18.05).

This reduced mil rate will mean that a home assessed at approximately $250,000 in the City of Winkler will see a reduction in their education taxes for 2014 of about $63.92.

Additional expenditures are being used to cover items such as: additional literacy resources; additional winter bus route for City of Winkler; Border Valley School staff room renovation; additional support for the GVC renovation project; additional funds to support Professional Learning Communities; and additional funds to support technology in the division.

2.  Preliminary Kindergarten Enrolments 2014-2015

Kindergarten registrations have taken place at schools throughout the division, with total registration numbers coming in at around 292 students.

This number is comparable to previous years and indicates the division is on target to reach the projected enrolment of 315 students for September 2014.

3.  2014-2015 Strategic Goals

Trustees approved the following 2 goals as part of the division's strategic plan for 2014-2015:

.  Literacy

"By June 2015, Gr. 1-3 students will increase reading levels, 85% at or above grade level."

.  Professional Learning Communities (PLC's) Focused on Learning

"All schools will establish Learning Teams with official meeting times scheduled on the school calendar. The teams will identify a goal, identify essential learning understandings, develop common assessments, and analyze data and adjust instruction."