Border Valley Students Give Generously to Cheerboard

bvgrade 8 130x97The students at Border Valley School decided to support the Winkler Cheerboard this Christmas, and the outcome was far above and beyond what was originally planned. The school set a goal initially to collect 400 cans.

To encourage participation, a pizza party was offered to the class with the most tins and an ice cream party for second place. With great attitudes and caring hearts the students began to bring in tins.

When the grade eights took the lead, they began looking forward to their pizza party. However, as the month wore on and more cans were collected, the class attitude began to shift. They realized they were no longer collecting cans to win. Rather, they were collecting cans because they wanted to help people who needed them. As a class they decided that if they won, they would use the money allocated for the pizza party to buy tins for the Christmas Cheerboard. When they won, that is exactly what they did.

The grade one students thought they might win second place and receive the ice cream party. One day, they were looking at a chart displaying how many cans each class had, and they felt sad because some classes did not have a chance to win. They decided there was a way everyone could win. They invited the school principal, Renae Hildebrand, to their class and asked if they could share their ice cream party with the whole school. Thanks to their generosity, everyone in the school celebrated exceeding their Cheerboard goals with an ice cream.

Border Valley students collected 1293 tins in total...because 200 students believed that it was better to give than to receive.

See photos below of Border Valley School students and staff involved in spreading cheer for Christmas:

 bvgrade 8_cheerboard    bvcheer-1    bvcheer-2    bvcheer-3

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