Prairie Dale Inspires Reading with Movie Theme

book wars 130x97February is I love to read month at Prairie Dale School. The theme this year is 'BOOK WARS: May The Words Be With You.' Playing with the recognizable Star Wars storyline, students and staff are engaged in a fun 'galactic' competition to see who can reach the top reading goal and win some prizes.

The Rebel Alliance (students) is pitting their reading skills against the Galactic Empire (Staff) with the winner gaining control of the galaxy. While busy reading, the students need to watch out for Darth Vader, who will be doing everything he can to make sure that the Rebels don't defeat the empire.

Each student has received a reading log to fill out as they read during the month. A teacher or parent will need to sign the student's log after each session of reading. If the students are able to read a total of 300,000 minutes the whole school will get a giant Movie Party! As well, the top 2 readers in each class will be invited to a pizza party. The school also has a number of other events planned this month to encourage reading, including:

February 4th and 19th: Wear a shirt you can read. (Counts for an extra 10 minutes)
February 8th and 9th: Dictionary Wars in the Media Centre
February 11th: Bring a blanket or pillow and a good book to the gym for reading during the lunch hour.
February 16th: Buddy Reading with Southwood School
February 22-25th: Board Games in the Media Centre
February 23rd: Teacher Swap
February 29th: Final Assembly

I Love to Read month is celebrated every February to encourage reading, writing and sharing in the joy of literacy. GVSD schools are joining the effort this month to promote reading as one of the foundations for literacy development.

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