Schools Celebrate I Love To Read Month

reading to girl 130x97I Love to Read Month is traditionally celebrated in February in Manitoba, and GVSD schools are joining the effort to promote reading as one of the foundations for literacy development. I Love to Read month is celebrated to encourage reading, writing and sharing in the joy of literacy.

Reading is an important skill that everyone needs in almost every area of life. Some GVSD schools will have a month-long celebration of reading, while others may run special reading activites throughout the year. Schools will celebrate and support reading this month through a variety of planned activities, such as special events, contests, guest readers in the classroom, to name just a few.

Literacy is a major objective in the GVSD Board's Strategic plan, and families are encouraged to take some time to read together and nurture reading as a vital lifelong activity.

Below are some descriptions and photos of the 'I Love To Read' activities that our schools are highlighting this month.

Winkler Elementary School

The Winkler Flyer's came to Winkler Elementary School to read to students and to celebrate their love of reading! They visited many different classes and shared their favourite books with us. All of the students were very excited!

wes read-1    wes read-2

Plum Coulee School

Part of the “I Love to Read” fun at Plum Coulee School are the daily “Stop, Drop and Read” moments. Kindergarten students quickly found a book and were engaged after the music played, signaling the start of the school-wide reading time. Kindergarten students are already well on their way with reading. In the photo below, one of the students is seen independently reading aloud to a partner. “Listen to me read!”

pcs read-1    pcs read-2

J.R. Walkof School

As a way to celebrate reading this month, J.R. Walkof school has been welcoming guest readers into the classroom.

jrw read-1

Northlands Parkway Collegiate

Below are some photos highlighting the ways NPC has been encouraging and celebrating reading this month.

Pic 1_library    Pic 3_Library    Pic 4_Library    Slip for_get_caught_reading    WP 001217    WP 001218