NPC Hosts Semester 2 Art Show

npc art show 130x97Northlands Parkway Collegiate (NPC) hosted a year-end Art Show on Tuesday, June 14 & Wednesday June 15, including the evening of the 14th. The event took place in the NPC Commons, and it celebrated the artwork produced by students in the second semester.

Having a semester-end show provides an excellent opportunity for students to demonstrate their visual arts skills.The artwork available to be seen featured drawings, paintings, architecture pieces, and sculptures. During the semester, students are encouraged to explore any medium in the field of visual arts, including drawing, painting, sculpting, pottery, 2D/3D art, and creating art pieces for cinema.

Mr. Kerwin Froese, the NPC Art teacher and show organizer, has observed how Art studies have benefitted students in high school and also later in post-secondary studies. "The high school program teaches you to be creative," says Froese. Students "take that creativity with them," adds Froese, when they go on and pursue their vocations. Froese is excited about the future of arts and culture in the community, and says that "visits to the Winkler Arts & Culture Centre, which is opening soon, will be helpful for students."

The NPC Art department is also a willing collaborator and supporter of school endeavors. The art students played an important role in this year's musical production of Les Miserables by painting all the backdrops and doing the detail work on sets. The students are also creating the sets and artwork for this year's Grad. New for the Art program is a collaboration with the NPC IT program, where students in both programs are working together to design and produce various silk-screening and print-making products.

See below for just a few photo highlights of some of the student art work:

npc art_show_06-16-2    npc art_show_06-16-3    npc art_show_06-16-4    npc art_show_06-16-5    npc art_show_06-16-6

npc art_show_06-16-7    npc art_show_06-16-8    npc art_show_06-16-9    npc art_show_06-16-10    npc art_show_06-16-11

npc art_show_06-16-12    npc art_show_06-16-13    npc art_show_06-16-14    npc art_show_06-16-15    npc art_show_06-16-17