Policy Purpose and Scope

1.0       Purpose

To facilitate the use and rental of Garden Valley School Division school facilities by the community.

2.0       Scope

All employees, community persons or groups, and outside agencies.

3.0       Policy

The Garden Valley School Division is committed to the concept of the community use of schools. While the Board encourages the widest possible usage of Division’s facilities by the immediate community, the requirements of any school shall receive first priority when there are multiple requests for the use of any school building or grounds.

The facilities under the jurisdiction of the Board, although primarily for use in the education of children of the Division in Kindergarten to Grade 12, are available for use by the community, subject to the procedures outlined in this policy.  The Board desires to cooperate with the City of Winkler, the Town of Plum Coulee, villages of and the R.M. of Stanley, the R.M. of Rhineland, and community organizations by making available school facilities and specified items of equipment whenever it is feasible to do so.

In order that minimal or no extra costs accrue to the Division from the use of school facilities for non- Division purposes, fees may be charged as outlined herein. The schedules of rentals and service charges shall be based on operation and maintenance costs.

The Board may enter into short or long term use agreements with community groups, businesses or organizations outside the terms of this policy.