General Procedures

4.0       Procedures

4.1    General Procedures - Facility Rental Outside of School Hours

4.1.1.      Liability - The permit holder shall agree to indemnify and save harmless the School Board from all damages, claims, actions, suits or demands arising from or out of the use of Division facilities, equipment or grounds by the permit holder, its members, invitees or persons authorized or sponsored by it, except bodily injuries caused to

such persons because of defects in such premises, equipment or grounds which were known or ought to have been known to the School Board or caused by any negligence

or care on the part of any employees or servants of the School Board.

4.1.2       Rental Application - The applicant shall complete the prescribed rental application (available on-line at, or at the schools) permit and shall become familiar with the conditions and obligations therein and on the user’s permit.

4.1.3       Permits - All permit holders including Joint Use Agreement Holders must receive a permit for the intended use. Permits may be issued for school and statutory holidays. All such holidays are posted on the Divisional website under It shall be the permit holder’s responsibility to check the website on a regular basis.

4.1.4       Cancellations - The Division reserves the right to cancel a permit at any time.  To cancel a permit, permit holders are required to contact the school with details (permit number, date, time, reason, etc.).

4.1.5       Equipment - Permission for the use of any equipment in the school must be obtained from the Principal. The permit holder shall not bring on site nor utilize equipment not indicated on the permit.

4.1.6       Damage - The Permit holder is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement should damage or loss occur. The Permit holder is also responsible for the condition of the facility for anything beyond normal cleaning.

4.1.7       Inspection - The School Board or any person authorized by the School Board, may inspect the premises at any time and may stop any activity which contravenes Division policy or any other use of or activity being carried out on the premises which in the opinion of the School Board or such authorized personnel may cause damage to the school or its equipment. Any person found in violation of the above regulations may be evicted, and the permit holder’s privileges may be cancelled.

4.1.8       Personal Belongings - The School Board, and/or its employees, do not assume any responsibility for personal belongings permit holders brought into or left in a school or on school premises whether by permission or otherwise.

4.1.9     Renewal - Permits will be reconsidered on an annual basis in the Spring for the following year.