Class 5 - Long Term Use/Private Groups

4.3.5     Class 5 - Long Term Use / Private Groups of a sectarian or limited membership nature not included above.  Class 5 groups require long term lease agreements that will be negotiated on an individual basis based on:

a)         Rental Rates - Rates are available for Saturday/Sunday events including holidays and all non-rental periods. To assist new groups in getting established e.g. Church Groups, division facilities may be rented at the rates as found in Article 4.3.4 for an initial rental period of up to three years.  After three years, the rental rates will be increased on a graduated scale resulting in an annual increase of 25%.  The rental agreement shall be subject to an annual review.

b)         Damage Deposit - A damage deposit in the amount of one thousand dollars ($1000.00) must be submitted before the rental starts. The amount must be maintained should damage deposit funds be required to make repairs. The school Head Custodian will make a weekly rental report.

c)         Food - No food or beverages are to be served or consumed in rooms and/or areas in which the floors are carpeted or in gyms with wood floors.

d)         Responsibility – The group will be totally responsible for the opening and closing of the school building in compliance with the school's  standard operating procedures.  One key will be issued to a designated group representative,  with assurances that no other copies be made.  A lost key must be reported to the Supervisor of Operations immediately with any and all costs of replacing a lost key to be borne by the rental group in accordance with Policy Current Code ECAB of the Garden Valley School Division.

e)         Set Up / Clean Up - The group is responsible for the complete set up and clean-up of the facilities in their care, including the reporting of any problems and/or damage.  Any custodial services that have to be provided by Garden Valley School Division will be billed at actual division cost.

f)          Snow Removal - On days where there are no classes, the group will be totally responsible for all snow clearing, including sidewalks, parking lots and emergency exits (as required by fire code) in compliance with the schools standard operating procedures. Groups must use Division snow removal contractors and the use of Division owned equipment is at the discretion of the school and the cost of loss and/or damage to this equipment will be charged to the renter.

g)         Liability - Rental groups shall sign a liability waiver. Rental groups shall provide proof of comprehensive General Liability Insurance in an amount of not less than $1 million dollars, and that the Garden Valley School Division be named as an additional insured.