School Rental

Class 4 - Community Groups for Social or Commercial Purposes

4.3.4     Class 4 - Community Groups for Social or Commercial Purposes.

a)         Functions - School facilities are available for the functions listed below:

Private gatherings
Family gatherings
Weddings, anniversaries and birthdays
Commercial use
Church groups
Community groups not identified in Class 2 or Class 3 Functions

b)         Rental Rates -  Rates are based on four hours or less.  Rentals beyond four hours may be subject to an additional charge of 25% of the basic rental rate per additional hour.

Facility                           Basic Rental         W/Refreshments      Banquets/Meals

Blumenfeld Gym                     $50                          $50                              $70

Border Valley Gym                  $90                          $90                             $125

Emerado Band Room              $75                           $90                            $110

Emerado Gym                         $120                         n/a                             n/a

Emerado Library                     $75                           n/a                             n/a

Emerado MPR                         $75                           n/a                             n/a

GVC Band Room                     $75                           n/a                             n/a

GVC Gym                                $120                         n/a                             n/a

GVC Library                            $75                           n/a                             n/a

School Classroom                   $30                           $35                            n/a

Hochfeld Gym                         $50                          $50                             $70

J.R. Walkof Gym                    $90                          $110                           $125

J.R. Walkof MPR                    $75                          $90                             $110

NPC Band Room                     $75                          n/a                             n/a

NPC Gym                                $120                        n/a                             n/a

NPC Library                            $75                          n/a                             n/a

Parkland Gym                         $120                        n/a                             n/a

Parkland Library                     $75                          n/a                             n/a

Parkland MPR                         $75                          $90                             $110

Plum Coulee Gym                   $90                          $110                           $125

Prairie Dale Band Room         $75                          $90                             $110

Prairie Dale Gym                    $120                        n/a                             n/a

Prairie Dale Library                $75                          n/a                             n/a

Prairie Dale MPR                    $75                          n/a                             n/a

Southwood Gym                    $90                          $110                          $125

Southwood MPR                    $75                          $90                            $110

WES Band Room                    $75                          n/a                             n/a

WES Gym                               $120                        $145                          $175

WES Library                           $75                          $90                            n/a

WES Pit                                  $75                          n/a                            n/a

Class 3 - Community Groups for Recreation Purposes

4.3.3     Class 3 Community Groups for Recreation Purposes.  See priority below. Where there is no identifiable priority an existing user may be given the priority over a new user.

a)         Birthday  parties  for  school  age  children.  The  facilities  may  be  used  for birthday parties of GVSD school age children between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm on school days.  A fee, based on cost recovery, of $15.00 will apply, plus a $10.00 fee for the use of any equipment.  Adult supervision must be provided.

b)         Adult  recreation  purposes.  The  facilities  may  be  used  Monday  to  Friday during custodian hours and no later than 10:00 pm.  A fee, based on cost recovery, of $25.00 will be charged per use, plus a $10.00 fee for use of equipment.

Class 1 - Joint Facility Use Agreement Groups

4.3.1     Class 1 - Joint Facility Use Agreement Groups. Groups that fall under the joint use facility exchange agreement and are booked by the local Recreation Department. Equipment costs may apply. Facility exchange agreement bookings by the local Recreation Department which fall outside of regular school custodial hours will be charged custodial costs.

Class 2 - Community Support Groups

4.3.2     Class  2 - Community  Support Groups meeting local/community needs. School facilities may be used rent-free Monday to Friday during custodian hours and no later than 10:00 pm. for non-profit groups including but not limited to:

a)         Regular meetings of formal community groups for school aged children such as: Awana Clubs; Vacation Bible School; 4H Clubs; Scouts; Girl Guides; Brownies; Community Run Sport Programs Designed for Gyms (e.g. Gymnastics, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, etc.)

b)         School Division sponsored activities c)  Fine Arts Festival

d)         Advisory Councils for School Leadership (Parent Advisory Council) meetings

e)         Special Olympics

f)          Red Cross Blood Donor Clinics

g)         Activities for students, supervised by the principal, assigned staff, or parent.

Permit Terms and Conditions

4.2     Permit Terms and Conditions:

4.2.1     Rental Applications - are available on-line at or at the schools. Tentative rental dates made by telephone or e-mail will be held for 24 hours, after which, if no permit has been completed, the tentative date will be released.

4.2.2     Permits - A permit shall be completed and rental charge paid at the school at least 3 days prior to the date of intended use. Permits are not transferrable.

4.2.3     Available Facilities - School facilities available for rent may include gyms, school libraries, multi-purpose rooms, band rooms, and classrooms.

4.2.4     Responsibility - Permit holders shall agree to assume responsibility for the conduct and safety of those using the facility under the terms of the permit or lease agreement.

4.2.5     Damage - The person whose name appears on the permit (must be at least 18 years of age) must accept full responsibility for any damages. Permit holders shall agree to maintain the facility in good condition and shall assume the cost of repairs; replacement of any damages caused by them; and any additional custodial costs required.

4.2.6     Supervision

a)         Supervision of ancillary space (entrances, halls, washrooms, kitchens, etc.) is also the responsibility of the permit holder.

b)         Roaming the school building is not permitted.

c)         Permit holders will be required to supervise the entrance doors at all times while in the school. Exterior doors may not be propped open at any time.

4.2.7     Negligence - An additional charge of $20.00 minimum will be levied for lights that are left on and doors left unlocked.

4.2.8     Equipment - There shall be a $10 charge for any school equipment used by outside groups. Only the equipment requested on the permit will be supplied.

4.2.9     Set Up / Clean Up

a)         The permit holder is expected to assist the custodian with the setting up and removal of tables and chairs.  If no assistance is provided, an additional fee will be invoiced at division cost.

b)         All garbage must be removed from the premises.

4.2.10   Fire Codes - Permit holders shall agree to abide by all building and fire regulations and to comply with the rules and regulations of the facility, whether posted or otherwise imposed by the Division.

4.2.11   Storage - Permit holders shall assume all responsibility for any goods or materials that they may place in storage with the Division before, during or after the term of the permit or agreement.

4.2.12   Advertising - The permit holder may post signs, cards, or posters on such display areas as the School may provide.

4.2.13   Food - Permit holders may serve food and/or refreshments in designated areas only.

Food is not permitted in gyms with wood floors or in any carpeted areas.

4.2.14   Kitchens

a)         All  dishes,  pots,  cutlery,  etc.  shall  be  washed  and  replaced  in  proper cupboards.

b)         Stoves and/or refrigerators shall be cleaned and ready for others to use.

c)         Any breakage / damage shall be reported to the custodian or principal as soon as possible.

4.2.15   Gymnasiums

a)         Gym shoes with non-marking soles must be worn for gym activities

b)         Gym exit doors are for emergency exit only unless permission to use them is granted by the custodian.

4.2.16   Restrictions – The following are forbidden on school premises:

a)         Alcoholic beverages

b)         Smoking

c)         Improper behaviour

d)         Conducting of raffles, draws, lotteries or games of chance for commercial profit.

e)         Any activity which may damage floors, walls or other parts of the school building or equipment or facilities.

f)          Moving of school property or equipment without permission

g)         Any person engaging in the above mentioned activities may be evicted and the applicant privileges may be cancelled.

4.2.17   Cancellations - Permits are automatically cancelled for school holidays (including Divisional in-service days) statutory holidays and election days.

4.2.18   Non-Compliance with these conditions may result in suspension of future rental privileges.

4.3       Prioritization of User Groups for Outside of School Hours / Classification of Functions

In all cases the needs of school programs take priority over outside users. Schools recognize the value of community based programs and shall endeavour to minimize disruption

of these programs due to cancellation etc.

User groups have been classified (Class 1 through 6 Groups / Activities) and will be given priority based on the following order: