Education Review Could Impact GVSD

lvlc 130x97 1Did you know that in January 2019 the provincial government launched a review of Manitoba’s K-12 education system? Two matters which may be under consideration in this review are the large-scale amalgamation of the current 37 elected school boards in Manitoba, and a possible move to appointed, rather than elected, school boards.

School boards are grassroots, democratic institutions. Alone, either of these changes would severely undermine the ability of communities to shape local schools. The first would create overly-large administrative units, and the second would eliminate the right of communities to choose their own representatives to govern their school system. Together, these two changes could silence the community’s voice in education completely. Together, they would take away community ownership of local schools.

GVSD invites the community to study and discuss the facts about education review, and how having a local school board has allowed GVSD to shape the directions and values of our local schools. Please follow this important topic on our GVSD website at: