Kindergarten Enrolment On Track

kindergarten art 130x97Garden Valley School Division received Kindergarten registrations for the 2018-2019 school year during the period of February 5 through February 16, 2018. GVSD Superintendent, Vern Reimer, has indicated that Kindergarten registrations are "on track" for 2018-2019.

As of March 1, 2018, the numbers reveal a class cohort size of 350-360. The average grade cohort size is 350. After March 1st, the division has 85% of the Kindergaten registrants that will show up in September. Reimer notes that school-based numbers can shift from year to year, with Plum Coulee School being slightly under for next year, and Parkland School being slightly over.

The final enrollment figures will still need to be determined, as some parents are still undecided and/or are thinking of moving into the area. Families still wishing to register their children for next year can feel free to contact their local school, or also contact the division office regarding their Kindergarten options.