Myths and Facts

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Please visit this page often, as we present common myths and the facts about public education.

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We should just do away with school property tax and find some other form of revenue to support schools, like income tax. Why are school taxes based on property anyway?


facts arrow 1 • The decision to collect revenue based on property was made owing to the historical reality, which still exists today, that the outcomes of the local public school were of benefit to everyone.

• A shift from property to income tax for example, would be the same as shifting municipal property tax to income-based collection. When the final numbers are in, there is just not enough revenue to invest without taking away substantial programs and services from our kids.

• School property tax revenue currently accounts for approximately 40 percent of total education operating. To replace this amount with another revenue source is a considerable challenge.

• School spaces, playgrounds, sports fields and other facilities can and often are used by communities for events and activities that are not school-related, especially during summer months when school is not in session. Education in our
community benefits the entire community.

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