Myths and Facts

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Please visit this page often, as we present common myths and the facts about public education.

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The school tax rebate system has note kept pace with the needs of our community. Something has got to change.


facts arrow 1 • We would instead argue that the entire tax system in Manitoba should be reviewed to determine whether it has kept pace with the needs of our community, including portioned assessment and provincial assessment of property values. School tax is one of the smallest parts of the picture when compared to the bigger picture of taxation in Manitoba.

• In an ideal world, the Province could permanently redirect the existing investment that it makes in providing some or all of the current system of tax credits and rebates to proportionately reduce overall taxation through a form of permanent and substantial tax relief. Based on current levels of Provincial investment in the credit and rebate programs, this would translate into a substantial reduction to the local school tax portion, reducing overall reliance on local school tax to fund education.

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