Myths and Facts

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Please visit this page often, as we present common myths and the facts about public education.

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There are so many people who do not even have children in school in our community. They should not have to pay school taxes.


facts arrow 1 • Everyone has a share in education. Costs related to local crime prevention, healthcare, family services and even library services, all depend upon how educated our community is. Sustaining the delivery of such services also depends on an educated workforce and the contributions that these educated workers provide.

• High school graduates have better education, health, social and career-related prospects than those who do not graduate. The more educated the citizens we have, the less costs there are for communities as a whole.

• In Manitoba, all senior citizens receive a tax rebate by virtue of their age, in recognition that this group is most likely not to have children in public school and many are retired, meaning that their income is more limited.

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