Mission & Belief Statements

GVSD Mission and Belief Statements

In Consultation with the GVSD Community Stakeholders at the Strategic Planning Retreat January 15, 2015, the following Beliefs Statements, Mission Statement and 

Strategic Plan Goals were approved at the March 10, 2015 Board Meeting.  These will serve the Division for the next four years.

GVSD Belief Statements

In Garden Valley School Division, we believe:

Positive relationships are the key to facilitating excellent education.

All children can learn.  

In partnering with parents to meet the educational needs of their children.

It takes an entire community to educate its children.

In educating children to be honest and trustworthy, respectful and responsible, caring, committed, and creative.

In creating a safe, caring, and engaging learning environment that includes all children.

All staff has a responsibility for all children.

School principals are the educational leaders in the school community.

The School Board has the responsibility to provide an education system in the best interest of children.

Children represent the opportunity to make the world a better place.


GVSD Mission Statement

The mission of Garden Valley School Division is to facilitate excellent education for children to become good neighbours, workers, and citizens.


GVSD Strategic Plan Goals

1.  Literacy

2.  Numeracy

3.  Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)