2019-2023 Strategic Plan Goals

plan 2019 23 230x153In January 2019, the board, along with senior administration and school principals, reviewed the GVSD Strategic Plan. The review resulted in the formaton of new GVSD Belief Statements and School Year Goals, and a new Mission Statement. Below are the division's Strategic Planning statements for the 4-year period from 2019-2023:

GVSD Mission Statement

Learning and discovering together to be good neighbours, workers, and citizens.

GVSD Belief Statements


2trusting relationships are the key to creating a safe, caring, and engaging learning environment.

2in partnering with families and communities to meet the educational needs of all students.

2in educating students to be respectful people of integrity who are creative, collaborative, critical thinkers, and able to effectively communicate in a changing world.

2019-2020 School Year GVSD Goals

3Literacy K-4
By June 2020, all K-4 students will increase reading levels, 85% at or above grade level.

3Literacy Gr. 5-8
By June 2020, 85% of gr. 8 students will meet grade level learning expectations in expository writing on the provincial assessments.

3Numeracy K-8
By June 2020, 85% of grade 3 and 7 students will meet grade level expectations on the provincial assessments in each of the numeracy categories.

3Student mental health and wellness
By January 2020, a committee will identify the mental health and wellness needs of students and develop a plan to address identified needs.