2022-2023 GVSD School Board

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The 2022-2023 Garden Valley School Division Board of Trustees

Following the 2022 Election outcome, the following is the new GVSD School Board:

Trustee Name Ward
Pamela Hiebert 1 - City of Winkler
Tena Lane 1 - City of Winkler
Deana Wilson 1 - City of Winkler
Phillipp Unruh 1 - City of Winkler
Leah Klassen 1 - City of Winkler
John P. Klassen 1 - City of Winkler
Heather Di Francesco 2 - Rural
Michael Rempel 2 - Rural
Mandy Thiessen 2 Rural

The GVSD Board held its reorganization meeting on November 8, 2022 and reorganized itself as follows:

Board Chair – Leah Klassen
Board Vice-chair – John Klassen

Operations Committee:
Chair – Tena Lane
Leah Klassen
Philipp Unruh

Education Committee:
Chair - John Klassen
Pam Hiebert
Mandy Thiessen

Policy Committee:
Chair – Deana Wilson
Heather Di Francesco
Mike Rempel

Executive Committee:
Leah Klassen - Chair
Tena Lane - Operations Chair
John Klassen - Education Chair
Deana Wilson - Policy Chair