GVSD Code of Conduct - Page 2

gvsd logo 1School Counselor / Resource teacher
A school counsellor and/or resource teacher, meets with the student to develop a plan for changing attitudes and improving student behaviour. Parent(s) should be informed.

Formal Interview
A conference is held with the student, the teacher, an administrator and/or school counsellor, and the parent(s) to develop a plan to address the student’s behaviour.

Withdrawal from Classroom Setting
Where specific student conduct is deemed to have a negative impact upon the classroom learning environment, the student is withdrawn to a supervised alternate location, to complete his or her assignment. Such withdrawal would normally be temporary, but when a prolonged withdrawal is recommended, parent(s) will be informed.

Removal of Privileges
Privileges such as access to the playground, cafeteria, library, extracurricular activities, and/or bus transportation may be removed under certain circumstances. Parent(s) will be informed.

The student is detained at the school for specific unacceptable behaviour. Should a detention extend beyond regular school hours, parent(s) will be informed. Where necessary, the teacher must ensure that the student has transportation home.

The student and/or parent(s) are required to compensate for damages incurred to school division property by the intentional or negligent act of a child. Such compensation may be monetary in nature, but could take alternative forms such as community service.

Behavioural/Performance Contract
In some instances, the student is required to meet specific behavioural standards in order to avoid more severe consequences. Such expectations are developed among the school, the parent(s), and the student. Outcomes are clarified in order to meet the behaviour standards agree upon. Such an agreement is documented, with copies provided for all concerned parties.

Student Services
A referral may be made to school division student services personnel who can assist school in the remediation of inappropriate student conduct. Such involvement may include a level of counselling or clinical supports for the student that is beyond the school’s capabilities. Parental permission must be obtained for assessments and/or interventions.

Outside Agency / Community Involvement
A referral to an outside agency or a community resource may be necessary to address a student’s behaviour (e.g. a physician, adolescent or adult mental health services, Addictions Foundation Manitoba, etc.) In all cases, parental permission must be obtained.

Threat Assessment
The school will respond to all student threats to self or others, through one or more of the following: administrative action, school division threat assessment protocols, through critical incident preparedness plans. Outside agencies and/or police involvement may be requested. Parent(s) will be informed

Police Notification
Police notification does not mean that police will lay charges in every situation; however, police should be notified for serious incidents that happen at school, during school-related activities in or outside school, or in other circumstances if the incident has a negative impact on the school environment. Parent(s) will be notified unless police direct otherwise.

Student Suspension from the Classroom
A student may be suspended from a classroom where they are a threat to others or where the student seriously disrupts the teaching and learning process. The teacher shall notify the parent(s) of the student, if the student is under the age of 18, and inform the parent of the right to appeal.

Student Suspension from the School
A principal may suspend a student from the school. Alternative programming may be arranged for the student. Parents will be notified of the suspension in person or by telephone, as soon as possible, followed by written notification within 24 hours.

Student Expulsion
A school board may expel from a school any student who, upon investigation by the school board, is found to be guilty of conduct injurious to the school environment.4

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