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A parent and /or pupil may appeal a disciplinary decision.
 An appeal must first be made to the teacher who made the disciplinary decision, then to the school principal, if not resolved.
 The decision of the principal may be appealed to the superintendent, and if not resolved, to the school board.
 Exceptions are suspensions in excess of 5 days and expulsion; in these cases, the appeal goes directly to the school board.4, 5


The GVSD Code of Conduct is consistent with the Safe Schools Charter of Manitoba6 and Manitoba’s Provincial Code of Conduct for Safe and Caring Schools7. Students and staff must behave in a respectful manner and comply with GVSD’s Code of Conduct.

Behaviours that will not be tolerated in schools and will be dealt with immediately include, but are not limited to:
 Bullying, or abusing physically, sexually, or psychologically, verbally, in writing or otherwise any person,
 Discriminating on the basis of any characteristic set out in subsection 9(2) of The Human Rights Code,
 Using, possessing or being under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs at school,
 Gang involvement,
 Possessing a weapon, as “weapon” is defined in section 2 of the Criminal Code (Canada)
 Inappropriate use of the Internet including social media, text messaging, instant messaging, websites, and e-mail. This includes accessing, uploading, downloading, or distributing material that the school has determined to be objectionable.
 Inappropriate use of digital cameras, cell phones, and other electronic or personal communication devices.

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Revised June, 2015

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